5 Worst Online Dating Profile Mistakes Men Commit

Going online is now the most common way to find a date. According to a 2008 CBS News piece, there are currently over 1,000 active dating sites online. But despite the success of online dating, it’s easy to ruin your chances of finding someone compatible if you make some simple mistakes. Here are five common mistakes guys make in their profile profiles.

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1. Using a Bad Profile Picture or None At All

Using selfies as profile pictures is OK if you still look good in them. A bad profile picture is usually a deal breaker for most women. Remember that with online dating, image is often as important as emotional attraction.

However, there are always ways to make yourself more attractive by using the right set of colors, shooting in the right settings, and finding a way to convey parts of your personality through your pictures. This will attract the type of girl that looks at personality first, which is a good thing.

Another thing to avoid is hiding your face behind a pair of sunglasses. You may think you look cool, but you also look like someone with something to hide. The same applies if you do not use a profile picture.

2. Using a Bad Profile Name

For sites that allow you to use a username, select it carefully as it can either send out a positive or negative message about you. In choosing a name, think of how it would sound like if you had to introduce yourself on a first date. It should also fit your personality.

3. Putting Too Much or Too Little Information in Your Profile

Writing only a line or two about yourself makes you come off as lazy or too busy. Why should anyone waste their time on you if you cannot set aside 15 minutes of your time on a profile? In contrast, writing every accomplishment since kindergarten makes you look egotistical. So try to strike a balance. Write just enough to keep a girl interested, but leave her curious.

4. Using Poor Grammar and Spelling

The best profile name, photo, and headline will be in vain if you cannot write or spell correctly. Errors in grammar and spelling leave a poor impression on your readers. If writing’s not your thing, use one of the many grammar checkers available or have someone else do it for you.

5. Having a Do Not Contact Me List

There is nothing wrong with having a type. But at all costs, avoid making a “do not contact me if…” list, especially if it is about appearance. You may have a thing for blondes, redheads, or brunettes, but you will sound shallow if that’s your only basis for selection.

It’s possible to be successful online if you know what not to do. Spend time on writing your profile, don’t write too much or too little about yourself, use proper grammar and try to convey personality in your pictures. Also, remember to keep yourself open to all types and remember that your profile is the only way for people to know you, so make sure that it is truly represents the essence of who you are.

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