20 thoughts on “TOP 15 Funny Pictures of Fat Women

  1. Fat women also have the edge when it comes to wrestling. I am a skinny man who knows this firsthand because I wrestled my girlfriend while she far outweighed me (by dozens of pounds). It didn’t matter that I stood over a foot taller than she did. One day, while I grabbed her and tried to knock her off balance, she grabbed me and then she easily lifted me over her head. That was the first time I was ever lifted overhead by any female. She then set me down in a standing position whereupon she threw me down and then she pinned me. My towering height over her was of no help to me. I was no match for the massive size of her body. I was simply way too skinny. IT WAS OVER!!!

  2. Many people like to joke around about fat women but what fat women have going for them is that, as long as they are in reasonably good health, fat women, as a rule, are very strong (PHYSICALLY POWERFUL!!!). A strong fat woman is capable of lifting more weight overhead than many men and such a strong fat woman is certainly capable of lifting more weight overhead than most skinny men. And, also: A fat woman doesn’t have to be tall to be strong. Many short fat women are INCREDIBLY STRONG!!! Based on my own experience as a tall skinny man who engaged in various physical tests of strength against short fat women (AND YES, THAT’S RIGHT, I GOT USED TO LOSING TO THEM!!!), I concluded that as a rule, a short fat woman is stronger than a tall skinny man, especially if she far outweighs him, even if he towers way over her. Height doesn’t count. SIZE COUNTS!!!

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