56 thoughts on “TOP 30 Funny Ugly People Pictures

  1. I can’t believe these comments. Not the content but the grammar. Nobody makes sense anymore. School has changed a lot since I was there. Proper English, structured sentences and punctuation have all gone in place of poor spelling and nothing making any bloody sense.

    Disgraceful. Schools have some work to do it seems.

    1. sweety you need to learn how to spell if you want to roast someone therefore you might want to go back to school so stop being rude if you dont know how to spell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Who is the owner from them zombies out of this bogus collection of your family ….F.U where you breath from HEY HOO
    I WONT THINK TWICE ON BLOWING YOUR BRAINS OUT MORON….IS THIS WHAT YOI CALL FUNNY . In the whore house you work the only thing there which changes is them members of your family …F.U

    1. This is not funny this.is embarrassing they might look at this one day and say this is me I thought I was better looking than that I’m so embarrassed

    2. Would you like somebody to tell that to you it’s rude rude of you if you don’t like it just don’t critic so rude and give an Instagram is not allowed to do a list of those people that’s so rude

  3. These ugly pics are looking like Chewbacca off of star wars!!!!!!
    And the ugliest and nasty pics are looking like Freddy Krueger!!!!!!!

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