10 thoughts on “Ugliest-wife

  1. These are all mostly photo shopped get real. Gee I quess if it’s on the Internet it must be true! Seriously? Some people are so gullible. The ugly wife, the pop eye guy the booger bum it is so obvious they are all fake!!!!!

  2. What u ppl calling her ugly have you ever meant her to find this out prob not.
    I can tell some of u pp are ugly just by reading ur comments. Stop bullying.

    1. Obviously you’re severely handicapped or you’d be able to tell those teeth are fake. The 3rd tooth past the large two front teeth you can see her actual teeth, if you look again you can also see he real front teeth showing just a bit. The uni brow is also fake, and for that pimple-I do so hope for the sake of her forehead- that shit is fake too LOL you a slow hoe.

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